Brush Lunch

I made a few new brushes and messed around at lunch. This doodle is based on the thumbnails that I showed below.

Flying Things

Here are some rough little sketches done for fun. Exploration, nothing more.

Sketch Update

Here's a lunch sketch I started a while ago. You can see that it got away from me a bit, and I didn't really stick to the thumbnails at all. I tend to like the thumbs a bit more, so you might see some of them pop up again in the future. Stay tuned.


Here's another study. This one is based on the work from Daniel Gerhartz. These studies usually start as morning warm-up sketches and never even get saved because they're so quick or abstract. This one turned into a fun brush/smudge experiment.

Still trying to wrap up the sketches from the last few weeks.

Orange - w i p

"Orange whip? Orange whip? Three orange whips."

Moon - w i p

Updated...still in progress.


Here's another Burdick study.

Here's another Mucha study from his Slav Epic...maybe still in progress?

Color Study (wip)

Mucha study

Scott Burdick study

Rummage Sketches

Here are some originals that were later colored, these were done for a project that was ultimately canceled.

Doodle WIPs

Just keepin' it fresh, trying some new brushes.



Here it is......two years of hair......30 minutes with the clippers.

I guess I look like a stooge either way.....


Here are a couple traditional sketches I've done recently. I was inspired by Nathan Fowkes' landscape sketchbook and decided to take a crack at it. I've never tried these little acrylic sketches before and i haven't touched traditional paints in some time. There not that great, but I'm trying damn it. They're both acrylic, and both were done in my moleskine, so they're pretty small. The top sketch was done first from reference out of a book, and then i quickly did the bottom sketch using the same palette in order to use up all the poorly-mixed paint i had from the first sketch.


Here are some pages that i put together from a sketchbook that never seems to be finished. It's never been a primary sketchbook of mine, i pick it up from time to time just to doodle in something different. Thus, the randomness of the subject matter:/

Fresh Start

This new blog is going to serve as my personal sketch forum. I hope to post often with photos and digital and traditional sketches, mainly to keep me fresh and inspired. I hope you enjoy it. This is the first post/sketch that i did last night. It's based off of a picture that i took here in Chicago. It was entirely done in Photoshop.


Here are some illustrations that I did for the Netflix movie Bright.  There are process sketches along with the finished illustrations. ...