Homework cont.

 Ilya Repin

John Singer Sargent

I promised something NEWish, so here it is...more homework.  Something ORIGINAL coming soon.  




       Here's another sketch from GoS.  It's an Atlantis statue concept that didn't fit it's intended space very well, so a simplified version was redesigned in it's place.  I'm posting this version because it was more fun to draw :)  Anyway, hope to post some NEW material soon.



Warmin' Up

Trying to get back into some personal sketches...gotta keep up with the Kwanses.  This is an old sketch I decided to warm up with, I'll probably update it as I go along.

-stay tuned

been a while...

Needed something to keep this thing going.  This is for Dave Chow who's keeping it traditional and burning through his sketchbooks!  It's a little diddy from costume night at an LBC figure drawing session a while back.  Thanks for looking...be back soon....


Happy New Year / Box Art

Here are early box art sketches that I did for Ghost of Sparta.  Obviously these didn't make the cut, but I thought I would share them anyway.  The concept of these covers was to keep Kratos mainly in shadow, as if he were an apparition.  This plays on his title as Ghost of Sparta.  The second part of the concept was to play up his red tattoo which symbolizes the loss of his brother, who appears later in our story...yada yada...

                                            Here is the initial sketch of the final direction.

The work you see on this blog is most of the work I was able to do on this project.  I came on pretty late in the game.  So, if you really want to see who made it happen, check out the work of these talented brozifs: Steven Wen, Tobi Kwan, Justin Murray, and JJ Shaw.

Also, Happy New Year!!!  and thank you so much to everyone who has stopped by this little sketch blog in 2010.  I really appreciate your time and comments.  Here's to 2011!

Thanks.....stay tuned.



Here are a few illustrations from Jumanji.  There are sculpted elements in all three images, and they were designed by the great Si...