I'm All Thumbs

Here is a little exercise I started to incorporate in my daily routine.  Just little thumbnail studies done in the morning or after lunch to get warmed up.  I just take a few minutes to play with different palettes and/or compositions.  Some of these are done at random, and some are based on existing paintings or photographs.

That's all I got for now, thanks for looking!



So, I promised a couple of pesky Canadians that I would update this slow moving, sketch-blog-thingy.  So here is an update from my current sketchbook.  Hope you're happy...Canadians(Mike & Tobi)!!!

These are just a couple of quick thumbnail pages that I like to squeeze in when I have some time.  Thanks for looking!


p.s. I actually really love our neighbors to the North


Here are some illustrations that I did for the Netflix movie Bright.  There are process sketches along with the finished illustrations. ...