The Order: 1886, Pre Viz Art

 Here are the first couple of pre viz paintings that I did for The Order back in 2010.

This pre-production painting is a combination of the top two images.  The details we taken a little further in order to be used in the initial game pitch video that was shown to Sony.


Here is a quick sketch that I did for a group project a while back.  It's just for kicks, and it's actually a touch up of an old unfinished sketch which you can partially see as the under drawing in the top image.

Concept Art - The Order: 1886

Whitechapel Lycan Concepts

Quick tone sketches of Lycan in human form, before transformation.  

Final concept

Human character portrait, and with effects.  The head is based on a 3D head scan that I manipulated in ZBrush, then painted over in Photoshop.

 Lycan portrait after transformation.  Lycan design and sculpt by Tobias Kwan, Adam Skutt and Jordu Schell.

Thanks for looking!


Sir Ramon

Finally, some sketchy stuff to put on this so-called sketch blog in the New Year.  Here is a sketch that I did for a fan that was one of the winners of Playstation's Road To Greatness Tour.  It was fun drawing him up as an honorary Knight of The Order.

You can check out his full story here: Video

Thanks for looking, Happy New Year!  Hope to post more soon.


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