Concept Art: God of War - Ghost of Sparta

Atlantis color study

 Atlantis statue

Spartan civilians

These are a couple of random pieces, I hope to post more in the weeks to come. Thanks.

Warm Ups

needed to post something new...

Winslow Homer Study

He's got some inspiring work, I dig his use of bold, graphic shapes.

Value Study

A sloppy value study...that's all I got for now. Hope to wrap up some old stuff I've been working on, I'll post it when I do.

Happy New Year

I figured I should post something for the new year to get this ball rollin'. This is an old studio test that I did about a year ago when I was on the job hunt. I've seen the test posted by a few other artists so I assume it's ok to post.

I want to thank everyone for stopping by and supporting this little sketch blog. I'd like to extend a special thanks to everybody who leaves me some feedback, it's much appreciated. Here's to another year, good luck.

- Joe


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